Health & Safety Policy


The management at KAIZEN NDT & ENGINEERING SERVICES is vitally committed to the   health and safety of its employees. Our objective is to achieve zero incidents in our pursuit of protecting the well-being of our workers, other workers, general public & Environment.

Not only do we acknowledge the right of all workers to work in a safe and healthy work environment, we strive to make it happen!  Safety begins with an attitude.  Our attitude translates to administrative actions and engineered controls to ensure to the best of our ability that our workers work safe.

As such, KAIZEN NDT & ENGINEERING SERVICES has developed key safety training programs for new employees.  This includes a very well documented orientation system and a radiation safety training program. KNES is highly committed to a cooperative effort with the AERB in enhancing and strengthening our radiation safety program.

We are committed on building further on these past accomplishments to drive our safety programs even further.
But it doesn’t end there!  Why do we do NDT in the first place?  Simply put, we test and inspect pipeline welds.  These welds are what connects a pipe to a pipe.  If these seams are not welded to established welding codes, there is a risk that this seam, joint or part may fail under pressure.  A rupture or failure can cause damage to equipment, the environment and even people.

KNES examines & evaluates these welds to ensure that this risk of failure is greatly mitigated or completely removed.  We are committed to our industry, to conduct these inspections to assure that mankind remains safe.


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