Visual Inspection


Welcome to our newly developed Visual Inspection department.  As the need became more and more prominent for visual inspection, Kaizen NDT & Engineering Services rose to the challenge and formed our own Visual Inspection Department.

Visual inspection is one of the most important inspection methods. All successful NDT and Quality Systems start with a good visual inspection program. This inspection starts before welding even takes place to ensure the proper material (such as steel, tools and equipment) fit the requirements of the job. Visual inspection continues through the entire job by ensuring the welders are using the proper welding procedure(s) that rod ovens are at the proper temperatures, and the quality of the weld in process.

Visual inspection is also used for verifying the quality of the finished product.  This can include such factors as dimensional checks, proper heat numbers, and a visual assessment of the quality of the weld itself.  Visual inspection can enhance the efficiency as well as the quality of all jobs and is an essential part of the building and fabrication process.

Advantages of Visual Inspection

  • Inspection performed rapidly and at low cost
  • Ability to inspect complex sizes and shapes of any material
  • Minimum part preparation required

Limitations of Visual Inspection

  • Surface too be inspected must somehow be accessible to inspector or visual aids
  • Surface finish, roughness and cleanliness can interfere with inspection
  • Only surface defects are detectable


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