Preheating & Stress Relieving


Preheating  Stress RelievingHeat Treating is controlled heating and cooling of a solid metal or alloy by methods designed to obtain specific properties by changing the micro-structure. Heat Treating takes place below the melting point of the metal and changes in micro-structure take place within the solid metal. Changes in micro-structure are due to the movement of atoms within crystal lattices in response to heating or cooling over a period of time.


The ability to tailor properties by heat treating has contributed greatly to the usefulness of metals and their alloys in an assortment of applications such as sheet metal for cars and aircraft.

Regardless of the reason for the heat treating, the basic process is the same and has three steps.

  • Heat the metal to a specific temperature
  • Hold the metal at that temperature for a specific amount of time
  • Cool the metal in a specific manner

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