RT FILM Digitization Services


At Kaizen NDT & Engineering  Services, we are continually introducing value-added services to our NDT services.  One such service, is our digitizing capability.  We have constructed a special digitizing/film-reading room to accommodate the digital processing of large quantities of radiography film.

The Benefits of Film Digitization

Digitized film offers numerous advantages for your quality program.  Like any digital photograph that is offered in a variety of formats, digitized radiography film gives you the following advantages;

  1. Portability – move your file from computer to computer, computer to cloud, email or any other digital media services that you currently employ.  There are no upgrading requirements to utilize or view the digital images.
  2. Archival Benefits – You can archive all your radiography images with associated documents such as RT reports, costing reports, location information and related documents.
  3. Preservable Artifacts – Preserve the film image for eternity with no loss in image quality.  Film itself, due to is composition deteriorates over time.  An archived digital image of that film will look identical 20, 30 to infinite years later as the day it was digitized.
  4. Audits, Peer Reviews and Level 3 interpretations - No matter where you’re peer reviewers, auditors, customers and your Level 3 personnel are, they can receive the image for interpretation.  The quality is of interpretation value and with the use of our included software, can be better for review that the original film.
  5. Accessibility – As indicated in items 1 and 2 above, you can access the image no matter where you are, depending upon your computer or IT structure.  If you cannot access them, store them, or move them, Buffalo Inspection Services is working on a SharePoint system that will do ALL of this for you!  Soon to be released, Buffalo Inspection Services will be offering much of the data storage, portability and movement solutions for you.
  6. Enhanced Imaging Software – When you get your film digitized, the digital images are delivered to you along with a copy of the imaging software that will allow you to view, manipulate, enhance and zoom in on film artifacts for a closer look.
  7. Competitive Rates – For the small cost associated with traceability, archiving power, and the benefits shown above, the cost associated to have your film converted to digital images will be well worth it with a high ROI.  Call 022 - 27452157  today to talk about price structure.


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